Rangers Valley Launches Black Onyx: The New Angus Beef Brand

It is an undoubted fact that nowadays Wagyu beef is a highly popular piece of meat in the market. But now there is another premium meat dominating the market, Black Angus Beef. Although not all Black Angus are created equal, Black Onyx by Rangers Valley is regarded as the star among Angus beef brands.
Rangers Valley have been producing some of the finest Black Angus beef to come out of Australia for over 25 years now. They are wholly committed to the breed integrity of Black Angus beef. They believe that Black Angus beef should come from 100% Black Angus cattle.
Any animal that is selected for Black Onyx brand must be 100% Black Angus, meaning both the animals parents must be 100% Black Angus. They then use an independent company to verify that all their cattle are 100% Black Angus. This is much more stringent than other Angus programs allow less than 100% Black Angus genetic content.

Rangers Valley launches their new Long Fed Angus beef brand at The Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place, on 1st October 2013. The new brand, Black Onyx is the latest evolution of a product that Rangers Valley have been producing in various formats for 25 years. This new brand launch also coincides with the 25th Anniversary of the Australian based cattle feeder and exporter.
“2013 will be remembered as an important year in the history of Rangers Valley” Managing Director of Rangers Valley, Don Mackay said. “Not only are we celebrating the past 25 years of the companies achievements, but we are also setting the platform for the next 25 years with the launching of Black Onyx”
Today, we are going to experience some perfectly prepared pieces of highly marbled Black Onyx beef. These Angus cattle are fed in the feedlot over 270 days. The feed is designed to allow the animals to grow naturally so they can produce marbling. Finally all Black Onyx Beef is graded as marble score 3 or higher.
During the event, well known chefs from around Jakarta prepared different cuts of Black Onyx beef and explaining their individual preference on how to cook each piece. 3 chefs showcased their skills on preparing the various Black Onyx beef cuts; Chef Sean MacDougall from The Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place prepared OP ribs and Chuck Roll, Chef Stefu Santoso from Energy Cafe prepared Topside and Oxtail, while Chef Chandra Yudasswara from EXODUS Dining prepared Eye Round.
“It’s a great opportunity to see how different cuts of beef can be prepared” Mr Mackay said “This is very useful information for chefs and retailers as this is an effective way to improve margins”
Rangers Valley own and operate a 32,000 head feedlot in the New England region of NSW and currently produce a mix of high quality products including Black Onyx beef. “Black Onyx is still the majority of what we produce, but we are also growing our Wagyu production which is increasing in popularity in Indonesia”
Rangers Valley beef is available in over 20 countries around the world.

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